Why F1 Driving Simulators are So Much Fun!

Given the chance, would you drive a real F1 car?? For most people outside of the actual race industry, or those with enough cash to spare on an F1 driving experience, driving a real F1 car is, sadly, a pipe dream. But coming up second best and a hell of a lot of fun too, are driving simulators. These things have come along a lot in recent years and they are absolutely nothing like the crappy old simulators you might have encountered as a teen in various theme parks. Modern F1 sims combine the very best of tech to give you an unparalleled experience – outside of a real F1 car that is!

The seats are specifically designed to be like a real F1 driver’s seats, while also being comfortable for a range of body types. Although designed ergonomically for clients, they have retained their legitimacy and they do really feel like sitting in the cockpit of an F1.

Booming surround sound audio gives you unfathomable sound and vibrations as it pumps out the high octane roaring of a race car. Underfoot audio systems mean that even your feet will feel like they would in a real F1 car, serious, knee shaking, vibrations power up the faux cockpit. We promise, you’ll forget that you were not in real race!

In sim dashing, there’s nothing better than having the sound and vision combine to recreate race day. And boy, you wouldn’t believe the quality of the HD screens! Sims these days have sure come a long way. Race you to a driving experience Surrey!


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