Wedding Trends for 2017

Wedding trends are fun for getting ideas and inspiration for having not only a dream wedding, but a trendy one at the same time. Some new trends may be unique and outrageous, whereas others may be traditions that are being brought back. There are lots of ways to use the latest trends as inspiration and twist them in a way to match any style, for any kind of couple and any kind of wedding. Here are just a few of the top trends for 2017…

  • Unique Invitations – The invitations to a wedding are the first thing the guests see, so the best way to get everyone excited about the event is a unique invitation. This can be by sending out flowers, glow in the dark invitations, or Plexiglas invitations, plus there are hundreds of other ideas to be different with invites.
  • Country Locations – Rustic country weddings Sussex or Devon are so popular this year with a cosy, friendly feel, and a number of picturesque venues to choose from nationwide.
  • Gifts and Charity – Now more than ever, it is becoming more socially acceptable for couples to ask for what they really need as a wedding gift, no matter if it is cash for their honeymoon, mountain bikes or some new bed linen. What is also becoming more popular than ever into 2017 is charity registries where guests can make a donation in the couple’s honour, as well as experiences such as flying lessons or pottery classes.

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